Grow your Portfolio!

with YieldFlow – a decentralized, secure and anonymous platform.

Find your favourite crypto

and let it work for you.

YieldFlow offers a wide variety of preselected and valuable digital assets that earn yields for you via smart contracts – hence your assets always belong to you.

1. Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet (metamask, trezor, ledger..) via your browser.

2. Select asset

Select your desired asset and method of yield farming. 

3. Grow Passively

Smart contracts will do all the technical work automatically for you.

Earn Yields

in 30 seconds.

Select your digital asset and put it to work. Securely earning you yields and growing your portfolio passively.

Creating the Future

of Finance Today.

YieldFlow is a decentralised financial protocol which allows you to earn yields on your digital assets passively through staking, liquidity farming and lending.

Build on the firm belief of a financial world that is based on trust, security and anonymity enabled by smart contracts. The goal is to enable financial sovereignty for everyone.

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Trusted Crypto Platform

YieldFlow is based in the following 4 principles


3rd party audited smart contracts.


Easy to use from any device.


Simply connect your Web3 wallet.



YieldFlow is fully decentralised and independent platform available for your digital assets without restrictions or limitations.

Featured in:

The governance token

of the YieldFlow protocol.

We will use the $YFlow token to ensure future development of the protocol and cover the costs. Initially, $YFlow will be paired against ETH on Uniswap to create the first liquid AMM market with deep liquidity.

YieldFlow NFT


YieldFlow is emitting 500 exclusive NFTs that enable holders

to get the following benefits:

  • 20% share of YieldFlow’s total fee earnings
  • auto reinvest function for compound interest

and for holders of 5 NFTs or more

  • exclusive access to exotic V3 pools with higher APYs
  • early access to new products in the future



Integration of DeFi with BOT automation

Integration of DeFi Services like UniV3 and deploy a bot which is automatically ensuring optimal parameters in DeFi.


Implementation of non-fungible tokens

Access unique features and YieldFlow fee sharing.


Integration of smart flow models to connect staking - lending - defi to one product

Combining Lending – Staking – DeFi into single products to enhance yields.


Integration of digital real estate assets / art assets

Reflecting the value and cash flow of a real estate portfolio by a token.


Connect flow model and digital real estate / art asset

Lending / borrowing and defi combined with real estate / art assets. Combining the smart flow models with the real estate token to provide further value added like lending for real estates.


Implementation of governance tool

(Voting System) Integration of the voting system included in YFlow.


Integration of digital assets based on stock market

Creation of digital assets fully linked to commodities and stock market. 100% backed by the real world assets.


Decentralized passive trading

Integration of swap services enriched by the possibility of dezentralized limit orders.


Decentralized passive trading with leverage

Based on the decentralized spot trading and enriched by the leverage possibility.